تعريف السياحة بالانجليزي

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تعريف السياحة بالانجليزي

تعريف السياحة بالانجليزي كلمات عن السياحة بالانجليزي السياحة الترفيهية بالانجليزي في هذا المقال.

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تعريف السياحة بالانجليزي
موضوع عن السياحة بالانجليزي
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تعريف السياحة بالانجليزي

Tourism is defined as a composite of activities, services, and industries that delivers a travel experience to individuals and groups traveling fifty miles or more from their homes for purposes of pleasure.
The business sectors comprising the tourism industry include: transportation, accommodations, eating and drinking establishments, shops, entertainment venues, activity facilities, and a variety of hospitality service providers who cater to individuals or groups traveling away from home.

Tourism product is not produced by a single business, nonprofit organization, or governmental agency rather, it is defined as “a satisfying visitor experience.” This definition encompasses every activity and experience that a tourist encounters during his or her entire trip away from home

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Tourism is an activity carried out by an individual or group of individuals that involves moving from one place to another or from one country to another for the purpose of performing a specific task, visiting a particular place or several places, or for entertainment purposes.
It results in a view of other civilizations and cultures, adding new information and observations and meeting with nationalities and nationalities.

And creates a number of jobs, industries and investments to serve the activity and raise the level of performance of the peoples and their culture and publish their history, civilizations, customs and traditions, and is now an important and promising industry based on the foundations of science and culture ..
As exists today in the Morocco.
The pillars of tourism:
Tourist: He is the individual who does tourism.
Host country: It provides all services to tourists, and provide the necessary requirements in order to create a pleasant tourist atmosphere.
The tourist attractions of all kinds: These parameters are determined by the type of tourism from the environmental, marketing, scientific and therapeutic and others.
Tourism mode: In other words, domestic tourism in the same country is defined among its cities, which are rich in tourist attractions, or external ones that transcend the boundaries of one state to another.
Types of tourism:
Religious tourism: An individual moves from his place of residence to the holy places in his own state or to another country. Such as visiting mosques, shrines or places of worship such as Mecca and Medina, and this type of tourism strengthens religious concerns and revives the spiritual side.
Medical tourism: the visit of individual health resorts, for example, mineral waters, therapeutic clinics and many others, as the goal of this tourism to treat the body diseases in centers, for example, possess high competencies, with self-entertainment.

Social tourism: Individual trips on vacation days to entertain and increase their psychological and physical activity and be with many groups that are certain companies responsible for them to provide them with a wonderful atmosphere and organize an appropriate program to visit places and provide them with accommodation.
Conference tourism: This tourism has flourished with developments in the economic, political and cultural fields. Conference tourism consists of a variety of conferences in different countries and individuals are invited to attend with entertainment.
They are equipped with accommodation, conference rooms, and many other means of communication and services.
Sports tourism: It includes the availability of all the facilities for this tourism, whether internal or external, and tourists travel to spend enjoyable times.
Shopping tourism: This is the tourism undertaken by individuals in some of the countries that set them up so that their products are offered at low prices in order to attract tourists.

Recreational tourism: Individuals go to places characterized by a comfortable atmosphere, with water and beautiful forests and the purpose of individuals to go to entertainment and enjoyment only so that people exercise their hobbies.
Cultural Tourism: This tourism is concerned with intellectuals and those interested in cultural and historical landmarks such as the Pharaonic civilization of Egypt.
Roaming tourism: This is a modern tourism as individuals walk on foot to the beautiful places of nature rich and picturesque, they enjoy roaming in and live in the wilderness.
Ecotourism: the movement of individuals and the visit of plant and animal environmental reserves for the study of environmental and environmental secrets.
Adventure tourism: For the oddity of living in some areas, doing mountaineering and cycling, diving in the secrets of valleys, fishing and doing all that is strange.
Car and bicycle tourism: This tourism is monopolized in certain countries only, which has wide and fast ways to communicate with other countries, and in this way all the necessary services are available from ambulance, maintenance and others.
Exhibition tourism: This tourism is mobile among countries that hold different opposition from the arts of plastic, industrial exhibitions, literary and commercial exhibitions and others.

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Tourism is a source of national income for countries, and tourism provides many job opportunities for young people.
We find that there is a diversity in tourism, such as beach tourism,

in which tourists visit beach cities with beautiful beaches and a pleasant atmosphere, and which have entertainment and marine sports.
There is also cultural tourism, in which tourists come to cities that contain monuments, museums,
and historical places, or festivals and conferences are held there.
There is also medical tourism, and tourists come to cities that have sulfur springs or natural places with curative properties.
Also, international sports competitions attract many tourists, so we find that countries compete with each other to hold World Cup matches.
السياحة مصدر من مصادر الدخل القومي للدول، وتوفر السياحة فرص عمل كثيرة للشباب.
ونجد ان هناك تنوع في السياحة ، مثل السياحة الشاطئية وفيها يقبل السائح على المدن الشاطئية ذات الشواطيء الجميلة والجو العليل، والتي يتوفر بها وسائل ترفيهية ورياضات بحرية.
كما توجد السياحة الثقافية وفيها يقبل السائح على المدن التي تضم آثار ومتاحف واماكن تاريخية، او تقام بها مهرجانات ومؤتمرات.
وكذلك توجد السياحة العلاجية ويقبل فيها السائح على المدن التي بها عيون ماء كبريتية او اماكن طبيعية ذات خصائص علاجية.
كما ان المسابقات الرياضية الدولية تجذب كثير من السائحين ولذلك نجد ان الدول تتنافس فيما بينها لإقامة مباريات كأس العالم.
ومما سبق يتبين ان السياحة تحتاج الى ابتكار افكار جديدة، واستغلال المتاح من الامكانيات في تقديم افضل خدمة للسائح.

موضوع تعبير عن السياحة

Paragraph about Tourism
Tourism has turned out to be a very important industry in the modern age. In almost all the countries of the world there are separate ministries of tourism. Tourist spots are being developed all over the world to attract the tourists. Tourism is, indeed, a good source of earning foreign exchange for every country that can manage it efficiently.
All over the world there is a great interaction between People of different countries, races, communities, regions and religions. Business magnates visit other countries to promote their business. Several newspaper agencies, journalists, scribes, radio and T.V. reports and others connected with mass media have to roam from place to place to trace out essential and interesting matter for reporting purposes.
Most of the tourists, however, are in search of entertainment exploration and adventure, along with which they also want to enhance their knowledge in various fields. Such men and women have to stay in hotels and they often stay in good hotels-five star or others. They are ready to pay adequately for the good food, lodging, comfort given and entertainment provided
Many tourists visit tourist spots such as beaches, hill stations, historical and picturesque places, religious and cultural programs and congregations. Tourists are also fond of participating in adventure games and swimming bouts and visiting Sanctuaries of animals and birds and zoos, museums, exhibitions, etc
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